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Café del Mar koffie

Freshly roasted

In jute bags of 69 kilos we deliver the green coffee beans to our surf. The green, dried beans have no taste yet and are as hard as small pebbles. The taste and aroma only develop after burning. Every week our coffee is burned on a small scale with craftsmanship and passion. After the coffee is burned, it usually loses quality and aroma quickly. The time between burning and delivery to you is very short. This will keep the best odor, taste and aroma.
Your coffee is always fresh!

Pure Arabica

There are two beans: Robusta and Arabica. Robusta beans are bitter and provide a aftertaste. They are often grown in Asia and Africa and are much cheaper than Arabica beans. Arabica beans are softer and sophisticated. In addition, there is also a difference in the caffeine content. Robusta has a higher content of caffeine than the Arabica bean: Arabica contains between 0.8% and 1.3%, while the Robusta bean has a caffeine content of between 2% and 2.5%. Due to the soft taste and low caffeine content, Café del Mar has deliberately chosen for 100% Arabica.

Rainforest Alliance certified

Our Platanillo coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified. As the name says, for the protection of tropical rainforests. To carry the logo, farmers must meet a list of over 200 heavy requirements. These requirements concern conservation and reforestation, waste management, water conservation, the environment and social conditions. Due to the strict requirements set by Rainforest Alliance, you can rest assured that any toxic substances normally used for crop protection and processing of beans are minimized.

Durable packaging

The freshly roasted coffee is packed in sacks of so-called 'kraft paper'. High quality biodegradable and recyclable bags. The bags have a valve to keep the freshness long. Air can escape, but not income. The kg bags are again packed in cardboard boxes containing 6 bags each (ie 6 kg total). Preferably, we deliver orders per box.


The coffee bags are stamped at Scorlewald in Schoorl, an institution where people with mental disabilities live and work. They are also contributing to your product.

Unique fair trade concept

Café del Mar has a unique fair trade concept which is much more advantageous to the coffee farmers than the regular Max Havelaar certificate.



WMF Koffiemachine

Why Café del Mar & WMF?

Café del Mar

Premium quality coffee for office, restaurant or hotel. Freshly roasted fair trade coffee combined with a quality machine from WMF. Complete with stylish tableware. Your coffee solution is in good hands.
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WMF offers quick service in case of malfunction and you will get your ‘own’ mechanic. At weekends there is an emergency service. Maintenance is carried out on the spot for you, as well as troubleshooting and defects. Read more…